Who We Are and What We Do.

Hello, my name is Ryan and I’m a 20 year-old traveller. I currently work as an Au-Pair for a nice Italian family in a Northern Italian town of Merano. When I grew bored of being a chef in Britain, I decided I wanted to see Europe and get a degree before joining the British Army.

So I quit my job, moved to Italy, and have been enrolled on a distance degree from the University of Leicester. Together with Agatha, I will aim to do as much of Europe and Northern Africa as possible before my 3 years are up. Beware- good times ahead!

Hi! I’m Agatha, a 22 year-old traveller also working as an Au Pair in Merano. After 6 months of finishing my Psychology degree back in Mexico City I decided it was time to get out to the world and explore as much as I can.

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to travel the world, and also I have a passion for writing and photography. So when Ryan proposed we started this, I couldn’t think of a better idea to combine all these aspects for both of us, while exploring as much as we can.

On our blog we will be showing you our views of some of Europe’s greatest cities, its quietest valleys and its most vibrant cultures. The pictures we take are just on our phones, but make up in experiences what they lack in resolution.

So feel free to share in our wanderlust, travel with us through the twisty alleys of Cordoba, Spain, the snowy hills in Davos, Switzerland, the green fields of France or the culinary paradise of Bologna, Italy.

Viaggiare, Parlare, Mangiare.

To travel, to speak, to eat.


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