Museo Civico Archaeologico

During our stay in Bologna we came across the Museo Civico Archaeologico, near the Piazza Maggiore, and in desperate need of a toilet.
You know what they say- come for the facilities, stay for 5,000 years of historical excellence. Something like that anyway.
Right from the start, there was a restored Roman bust of Nero greeting you, surrounded by the stelae (gravestones) of his countrymen. Morbid placing aside, everything was pristine in detail and a wonder to look at- studying in Latin class in college, I could make out some of it. Skipping Latin class, however, left me to guess most. Even a budding archaeologist like me could appreciate the vastness of the collection though- there must of been over 50.
Towards the end of the collection there were a few Etruscan stelae too, really showing complete continuity of the tradition in Italia.


Next up was the main feature- the Egitto Collection, a full and comprehensive archaeologists wet dream. Everything from the first dynasty to the final Roman years, this amazing timeline had artifacts not just of Pharaoh, but public officials and gods too.
I even found my specialities in there- Ramesses II, and the Greek line, which made me as happy as a nerd with homework.
I’m not going to break down the whole visit for you, but hopefully the photo album below will encourage you to go to this amazing place. I whole heartedly recommend it, even without counting the rest of Bologna.

Enjoy! ~Ryan


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