Bologna, Italy (Day 2)

So we could lie to you and tell you that we woke up really early in order to explore the city, but we musn’t tell lies. It was around midday that we said our goodbyes to Alessandra and Yuki (the cat) and headed into town to find breakfast and make the most of our last day there.

The place we chose for breakfast was really close to the Asinelli Tower, so when we were finished we walked towards the tower with the intention of climbing all the 498 steps. And I’m really proud to say, we did it! Yes, we were a little out of breath when we reached the top but, oh, was it worth it.

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When we were planning our trip to Bologna, there were a few things we really wanted to do; climbing the Asinelli tower was one of those and another important thing on our list was finding “The Secret Window”. I know this may sound like something out of a children’s book, but this window is the only place where you can get a glimpse of Bologna’s underground channels. Like the ones in Venice, those channels used to provide the city with water in the 12th century, but now all 60 km. of water channels are hidden underground

So we started to make our way there, following our map but before we had to stop for a gelato (yes, we really HAD to) on Via Dell’Independenza, and after we ordered our 3 scoop ice cream we sat down, because italian ice cream deserves to be enjoyed. And then carried on towards the channels.

Gelatos Bologna
Fragola, Stracciatella and Nutella for me (left) and Fragola, Pistachio and Yoghurt for Ryan (right)

Bologna Febrero (45)

Canales Bologna

After finding the window with the hidden channels, we realized we didn’t had much time left until our train departed, and we didn’t want to have any more mishaps so we started walking towards the station. I’m happy to tell you that this time the return went smoothly, no lost buses or passports, we ate lunch at the station in Bologna and dinner at the one in Bolzano.

The city could not have been more enchanting in all aspects, and it was a great start on our journey through Italian cities, we loved every bit of this weekend (maybe not the missing our train part, but you know what I mean).




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