Vienna, Austria (Part One)

For Easter my host family and I went to Vienna to visit some relatives that live over there. I was beyond excited for this trip, even though Ryan was going to stay in Merano with his family. But he was kind enough to lend me his new camera for the journey so I didn’t have to take photos from my phone.

After 6 hours on the road (no curves, this time!) we arrived in Vienna, checked in into our hotel, had lunch, and then we headed to the city center, aka The Ringstrasse, while my host mom showed me all the good places to go since tomorrow I would have the day free to explore on my own because they have already been to Vienna quite a few times.

So after walking around the center, and stopping at a bookshop because the kids wanted a new book, we went to drink something all together to toast to the holiday and then went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at their aunt’s place.

St. Stephen's (3)Vienna (90)Vienna (94)

Back in Mexico, we celebrate Easter differently, no chocolates or hunts for eggs, at least in my family we just don’t celebrate it, we just get a two week holiday and that’s pretty much it. So you can imagine my surprise when I come here and see all these traditions that I have only seen before on movies or TV shows. Specially at dinner when the lovely aunt had gifts for everyone, even me! And then we had a “battle” to see who could break each other’s colored boiled egg. It was really fun, and I’m even thinking about talking my siblings into this chocolate and giving gifts thing.

More on my solo adventures in this beautiful city on the next blog post.


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