Vienna, Austria (Part 3)

Picking up right where I left off, I was walking towards the Albertina Museum to meet my host family for lunch and to see the exhibition together. But before, I stopped in Demel’s to buy some sweets (apparently an institution, from what I read on the internet) and if you have ever seen Wes Anderson’s movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel” I think this is as close as we get to a real life Mendl’s.  Pastries and chocolates fill the place, with their equally delicious smell, and you can also buy ice cream but when I went that section was closed.

Demel's (2)Demel's (3)

Then I rushed to buy my book about Sisi, and then as I was obviously late to meeting my family I rushed to the Albertina’s Planten House and we I met them we went inside to look at the Impressionists Exhibition, it had everything from Monet to Picasso. It was simply amazing, and since it was the Easter weekend there were colored bunnies all over the museum for you to find.

Albertina (6)
Hall of Muses
Albertina (19)
Impressionists Exhibition
Albertina (28)
Albertina (1)
Find Wally (that’s how I named that pink rabbit)

After we browsed through the gallery, not able to see it all because the kids were getting tired and wanted to go back to the hotel (I was the same at their age) I told them goodbye and went inside St. Stephen’s cathedral to take some pictures, but I went at 3 in the afternoon on a Good Friday so inside they were officiating the “Passion of Christ” mass and it was packed, so I got out and looked for a tram going to the Belvedere to go and see Klimt’s most famous picture “Der Kuss” (The Kiss) and the rest of that exhibition, but I hadn’t quite got the hold on the tram system so ended up walking pointlessly around town until I gave up and hailed a taxi.  The Belvedere Palace is so big, the museum is divided in Upper and Lower Belvedere, plus the gardens and the palace itself are huge, and even more beautiful!

St. Stephen's (4)
Mosaic outside the cathedral
St. Stephen's Cathedral (4)
Inside St. Stephen’s
Belvedere.. (11)
View from the top
Belvedere.. (25)
Belvedere Gardens
Belvedere.. (45)
Upper Belvedere

Before going to the Belvedere the only painting I knew by Klimt was “Der Kuss” (The Kiss) but now he definitely made it to my Top 10 Favorites. And I didn’t even see the exhibition on the Lower Belvedere where they have more paintings from him.

When I exited the museum, this time in the same place where I entered, I noticed that there was not much time left before I would have to go back for dinner and there were still a lot of things on my list, plus my feet hurt from all that walking and I had no more battery on my phone. While I was thinking about what to do, if I should just give up and go back to the hotel earlier, I stumbled on a tram station going in the direction of another place in my list. The Hunderwasser Haus.

I decided to chance it and got on board, while studying my map so I wouldn’t get lost now that I didn’t have Google Maps to help me, and I’m proud to say that I made it to the Haus and back to the hotel in time for dinner with my family.

Hundertwasser Haus (4)Hundertwasser Haus (10)

The next day, we hit the road towards Wels to visit more relatives and two days later we returned to Merano. Even though I only had one day to explore this beautiful city, I fell in love with the culture and all the museums and architecture and it was also a great opportunity to put my German to use, needless to say that I have to come back (with Ryan of course!) and check off the rest of the items on my list:

  • Schönbrunn Palace
  • Sigmund’s Freud House (not a fan of psychoanalysis, but still)
  • The Prater
  • The State Library
  • And more museums, I would even go to the Albertina or the Belvedere again and wander without rush.

So, until next time Wien!






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