Bolzano/Bozen, Italy

So, I know things have been awfully quiet around here but that’s because I’m back in Mexico for a little while (you know saving money to go back later and waiting for some papers to start my Italian citizenship procedure, my great grandfather was Italian) so there has not been a lot of travelling. But before I went back to Mexico, Ryan and I went to Bolzano for the afternoon. So I want to write to you about that.

In fact, we went to Bolzano a lot of times but this time we spent the whole day there, and I can gladly say that there were no misfortunes with the train or lost wallets.

Bolzano or Bozen, if you want to call the city by its German name, is the capital of South Tyrol. With a huge Duomo and a beautiful town square, it has a lot of charm. But in my opinion is really similar to Merano just a little bit bigger. One big difference is that 70% of the people here speak Italian, while in Merano it’s 50/50 between German and Italian.

Bolzano (8)Bolzano (10)

After wandering through the city center and theĀ porticiĀ we kept walking towards the outside side of the city until we found a huge park, and since it was starting to get sunny the weather was lovely for a day in the park. Also, Ryan had just bought his new camera, a Canon 1200D so we went down to the lake to take some shots.

Bolzano (2)Bolzano (3)

Bolzano (5)
The photographed photographer

After we finished throwing rocks at the lake to get frozen water shots, I know we were like children with a new toy,we set out to find dinner. Which we found in a burger place with really good burgers but disappointing milkshakes, so we looked somewhere else for dessert and then went home in the last train to Merano.

Bolzano is well worth a day visit, because even though it’s a small city it’s no less charming with a lot of things to do. I’m certainly missing it right now.




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